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NEW HARTFORD, NY - With more than three decades in the music business, renowned drummer, Trey Gray, is beating more than just drums, he is beating the odds. Gray found his passion for music at the tender age of five.  In his early 20s, he relocated from South Bend to Nashville to pursue a professional career as a drummer. He played in local honky-tonks before landing an audition with Faith Hill, which became a huge turning point in  his career. After seven years with Hill, he began to notice changes in his body. In 2003, Gray’s life changed forever when he was diagnosed with a genetic condition known as Huntington’s Disease (HD). The neurological disorder, characterized by the degeneration of the brain’s nerve cells, deteriorates a person’s cognitive and physical attributes, mimicking symptoms of ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. At the time of his diagnosis 17 years ago,  Gray was given 10 to 15 years to live.

However, Gray’s disorder couldn’t stop him, and he found that drumming helped contribute to his longevity. “Any type of oxygen you get into your brain is good, and moving helps,” says Gray. “With drumming I’m doing four limbs sometimes at a time; imagine that in your brain, the neurons that are firing, it’s just fantastic.” Since his diagnosis, Gray has continued playing, in the studio and on tour, with country superstars Faith Hill, Jewel, Brooks & Dunn, and Reba McEntire. Kicking off 2020, he is now touring with Reba and Brooks & Dunn, traveling from Las Vegas to Charlotte, Tampa to St. Louis, and beyond. While on tour, Gray will be available for press interviews, where he will candidly discuss the fight against Huntington’s Disease and his dynamic story.

Earlier this year, he established The Trey Gray Foundation. In addition, he is the official celebrity spokesperson for the Sitrin NeuroCare Program, located in New Hartford, NY. The Sitrin Health Care Center is a not-for-profit organization that provides specialized programs for residents with HD and ALS, in addition to other services. Sitrin's NeuroCare Program is the first and only one of its kind in Upstate, NY, one of only nine in the country, and was the winner of the 2019 Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s (HDSA) inaugural long-term care award. Sitrin’s 32-bed long-term care program focuses on compassionate, comprehensive care for individuals living with HD and ALS.

Gray was first introduced to Sitrin staff in 2014, and visited the unit last summer. Impressed with the facility’s picturesque setting and unique approach to care, Gray is drumming up awareness for Sitrin as he travels the country. Each day on tour, he will be rocking his blue wristband, signifying his fight against Huntington’s Disease and giving others hope in overcoming the odds. Throughout the nearly two decades since Gray’s diagnosis, his optimism has never wavered. Grateful for every day, he counts his blessings as fervently as he counts his beats. His story is one that will leave audiences amazed.


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